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Kemove | Keyboard keycap sharing

A variety of keycaps, keycap design is not a new term, with the increasingly fierce competition among keyboard manufacturers, the styles of keycaps can already be described as dazzling!
①: “Ocean” style keycap;
②: “Autumn Maple” style keycap.

Ocean (PBT Material)(Suitable For 61 Collocation Keyboards, A Set Of 70 Keys!)
“Ocean”, The General Term For The Most Extensive Body Of Water On Earth, Blue And White, Seemingly Calm On Weekdays, But There Is A Jaw-dropping Power Hidden Inside

The Light Blue Tone, With The Cartoon Version Of The Small Animals, The Peaceful And Peaceful Picture Has Come To Mind. I Have To Say, With This Keycap, I Really Want To Go To The Seaside For A Vacation!

Autumn Maple (PBT Material, Suitable For 61 Keyboards With A Set Of 70 Keys)
“autumn Maple” The Autumn Maple Is Like Fire, Reflecting The Unique Redness Of The Mountain Flowers. The Shallow One Is The Light Clouds And Wind, And The Vitality Is Not Diminished. The Deep One Is The Sky And The Earth, And The Fruit Is Ready To Be Harvested. There Is Also A Touch Of Evergreen Greenery Embellished In It, Climbing High And Looking Into The Distance, Surrounded By Mountains, It Is A Touch Of Courage Of “already Approaching The Top, Overlooking The World”.

Nowadays, There Are Too Many Keycap Styles On The Market, Which One Do You Like? Share It With Me!

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