What are the advantages of mechanical keyboards over ordinary keyboards?

On the whole, the mechanical keyboard does not have any absolute advantages. The manufacturing cost is higher than that of the thin-film hard disk, and the price must be higher. It is also suitable for those who play games and type all day long because of its own characteristics. , so it has become a […]

Another reason that affects the touch feel: key consistency

60% mechanical keyboard

In addition to the Switches, many people tend to ignore another important factor that affects the feel: key consistency. That is, whether the keyboard can achieve the same pressing feel and force feedback for each key, including the large key. You may not understand how there is a difference in feel with the same switch […]

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive?

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Expensive?The Most Direct Answer Is The Cost. Whether You Can See It Or Not, The Mechanical Keyboard Displayed In Front Of You Is Genuine. As Long As It Is A Slightly Well-known Brand, From The Inside To The Outside, From Top To Bottom, Whether It Is Materials, Workmanship, Quality Inspection, […]

Kemove | Keyboard keycap sharing

A variety of keycaps, keycap design is not a new term, with the increasingly fierce competition among keyboard manufacturers, the styles of keycaps can already be described as dazzling!①: “Ocean” style keycap;②: “Autumn Maple” style keycap. Ocean (PBT Material)(Suitable For 61 Collocation Keyboards, A Set Of 70 Keys!)“Ocean”, The General Term For The Most Extensive […]

Kemove K68 is Closely Related To Your Work & Life

We all use keyboards at work, and the 68-key keyboard has a suitable keyboard layout. On the number, it does not occupy your desktop space so much; when using, the independent direction keys are more convenient to use. In its appearance, the color is a minimalist version of black and white, which can be matched […]

Kemove K68 a Keyboard with Customizable Lighting

I believe that many people buy mechanical keyboards, not only like the feel of the mechanical keyboard, but also like the cool lights on the keyboard. In addition to several lights set by itself, Kemove K68 also supports custom lights. Come and set the look to your liking. Open the keyboard driver and select the […]

Kemove K68 Bluetooth Connection Method

With the democratization of electronic products, many people have more than one electronic device. However, electronic accessories not only affect the efficiency of use, but also take up space. So we researched a keyboard that can connect to 3 different electronic devices via bluetooth. Just one-click switching, you can switch quickly. And for game enthusiasts, […]

The Difference Between the Old and New Driver Versions of Kemove DK61

Many people who have purchased the keyboard may not be able to tell the difference between the two and download the wrong driver after receiving it. The following article can quickly help you distinguish: Product packaging: the old version of the packaging has a big windmill logo on it, and the new version has the […]