Keycap Height

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A set of keycaps with ergonomics, the height of each row of keycaps is different (except for XDA, DSA type flat chest keycaps). The height of each row is divided into 4 heights R1-R4 from short to high (very few also have R5 height such as RACE2): R1: The height of R1 refers to the […]

The Difference Between Hot Plug and Plug Shaft

The welding version is the conventional practice. The shaft body is directly welded on the circuit board, which is more stable and can ensure the feel, but the later DIY transformation is relatively difficult. The hot-swap version is that each axis is made into a unit that can be easily disassembled and replaced , In […]

PBT Keycaps vs ABS Keycaps

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If you own a mechanical keyboard, you might be interested in replacing the keycaps that come with it, which is why it’s important to know the difference between PBT keycaps and ABS keycaps before you start shopping. Both ABS and PBT keycaps can be single- or dual-shot, and are designed for unlit, backlit, and RGB […]

How Many Keys Are On 60% Of Keyboards?

Because there are so many different sized keyboards, some people may not know how many keys are on 60% of the keyboards. It can be difficult to understand the difference between 60% keyboards, 65% keyboards, 75% keyboards, TKL, and how to decide which is right for your needs. A closer look at a keyboard commonly […]

Differences Between PC Keyboards, Mac Keyboards And Linux Keyboards

Plus 20 shortcuts for PC keyboards, Mac keyboards, and Linux keyboards. PC, Mac, and Linux keyboards share similarities, such as the QWERTY letter layout, but they also have distinct differences in appearance and behavior that can make switching to a newer keyboard challenging. The differences between PC keyboards, Mac keyboards, and Linux keyboards are detailed […]

History Of Cherry Keyboard

Cherry keyboards are known for the precision engineering in their legendary switches, so it might be surprising to learn that Cherry had a humble beginning. Here’s the story of how Cherry keyboards grew from restaurant basements to the world leader in mechanical keyboards and switches. 1970s: The first Cherry keyboard switchesThe first Cherry keyboard was […]

5 Practical Mechanical Keyboard Parts

Keyboard case Most people who have used mechanical keyboards for a long time do not like to use ordinary keyboards anymore. But for people who travel a lot, the exposed mechanical keyboard can get damaged along the way. At this time, a small keyboard case can effectively protect the keyboard from bumps, dents and scratches. […]

How Long Can A Mechanical Keyboard Last?

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The length of use of the mechanical keyboard has a certain relationship with the frequency of use. According to the report given by Cherry in Germany, the life of a button is about 30 million times. In other words, if you type 1w words every day, you can use it for ten years. However, the […]

Classification Of Keycaps For Mechanical Keyboards

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Keycap material The keycap affects the tactility of typing, but also affects the look and feel of the keyboard, and also determines whether a keyboard is durable. Therefore, manufacturers who pursue the ultimate will spend a lot of effort on keycaps. The keycap materials are mainly divided into three types: ABS, PBT, and POM. The […]

Classification Of keyboards

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At present, the common keyboards on the market are generally distinguished according to the trigger mode of the keys. The so-called trigger mode refers to how the electronic components inside the keyboard detect the way the user presses the keys. Mainly divided into two types: mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard, and the uncommon capacitive keyboard. Mechanical […]