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KEMOVE SNOWFOX White Mechanical Keyboard Quiet and Mini Gaming Keyboard Bluetooth5.1 61 key

Kemove 61 Key(white)
【MULTI-DEVICE WIRELESS STABLE BLUETOOTH 5.1 KEYBOARD】Pairing with up to 3 devices and switch among them seamlessly with the inbuilt Bluetooth 5.1 technology. Stronger stability and connection speed, perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth 5.1 or below Bluetooth 5.1 devices (Not compatible with below Bluetooth 3.0 version devices). Work well with Windows, iOS, Mac operating systems and more devices.
【PBT DOUBLE-SHOT CURVED KEYCAPS】The KEMOVE 61 Keyboard has 85% PBT DOUBLE-SHOT keycaps, which not only guarantee a much higher oil resistance and hardness than ABS keycaps, but also ensure the keycaps’ light transmission, making them excellent in lighting effects. The curved keycaps also provide you with an extraordinary feeling.
【HOT SWAPPABLE SWITCH】The Keyboard is equipped with hot-swappable mechanical switches that are replaceable with 95% of the mechanical switches in the market, ranging from high-end brands like Cherry, Gateron, Kailh to TTC, even including some highly customized silent and prominent switches. We also provide rare colors in three additional colors (Yellow, White and Green) for you to enjoy different experiences
【KEMOVE 4-LAYER SOFTWARE and LIMITLESS CUSTOMARY RGB BACKLIGHT】KEMOVE 61 mechanical key board has a powerful software, through which you can personalize functions as you like, customize advanced features and offline macro. The software enables you to arbitrarily remap keys and assign macros or commands to specific key combinations on 4 individual layers. There are also unlimited custom lighting modes in the software, more than the simple color and breathing effects.
【NEW ID with EXQUISITE DESIGN】KEMOVE is a new ID brand, focusing on high quality, sophisticated appearance and design. After creating a Crowdfunding Project on Kickstarter and won the favor of many fans. KEMOVE devotes itself to making every keyboard become an artwork. Just like this KEMOVE 61 - minimal compact design with high-quality double ABS construction. KEMOVE always provides you with exquisite products at affordable prices.
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KEMOVE has been committed to providing high quality and reasonable prices to our customers. We range from producing and selling consumer electronics products and other more related to your life. We are focuses on USB flash drive electronically, outdoor travel luggage bags and other necessaries etc, striving to provide top quality products with our best prices. KEMOVE tore will also provide the first-class service. You will find what you like with good value, which means we are focusing on consumption instead of more profit. We would spare us every effort to offer the best service to you. KEMOVE will be the best choice to make an easier life for you.

KEMOVE 61 Mechanical Keyboard - That Suits Your Typing Habits
KEMOVE is focused on producing products with high quality, exquisite appearance and design. The switches and keycaps are hot swappable and universally compatible, allowing you to enjoy the fun of building a highly customized mechanical keyboard that perfectly suits your typing and gaming habits anytime, anywhere.

Bluetooth 5.1 & Dual-Mode Connection

USB Wired Mode: Connect the TYPE C cable to the computer, the keyboard will automatically convert to the Wired Mode. You can also press FN+Z/X/C witch to the wired mode from Wireless Mode.

Wireless Mode: Press key "FN+Z/X/C" to connect the Bluetooth device:
1. Connect a new device: Press "FN+ Z/X/C" for 6 seconds long, the Bluetooth is in the pairing status. The indicator light is flashing slowly. Then you can find this mechanical keyboard as "Kemove61M" on your device.
2. Reconnect devices that have already been connected: Short press FN+Z/X/C, the Bluetooth keyboard enters the reconnection status, the indicator light quickly flashes.


Define your Keyboard with KEMOVE Exclusive Software

After a few months we developed the exclusive 4-Layer software for our KEMOVE61 that allows you to define your own keyboard.

Lighting Setting: You can edit the zones and status frame by frame to literally accomplish numerous lighting modes. 20 (5 per layer) lighting modes can be chosen to configure on the keyboard.

Keyboard Setting: You can edit any key in each layer to the key function you need. (Except the FN key)

MACRO Setting: You can create a set of your own instructions through macro and put it on any keys as you want.

Related Program: You can associate programs you want and select the specific layer for this program.


Other Features

60% mechanical keyboard Ultra-Large Capacity Battery
Ultra-Large Capacity Battery

KEMOVE 61 has the largest Battery Capacity on the 60% mechanical keyboard market - 3000 mAh battery, which offers up to 15 hours wireless usage under regular circumstances and means you can use it carefree for a few days. With Type-C you can charge your keyboard easily.

Press FN to see the state of charge: When charging starts, the ALT key lights yellow and will return to RGB mode when fully charged.

KEMOVE 61 is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard

Ergonomic Design

KEMOVE 61 is an ergonomic mechanical keyboard designed to improve performance and comfort, which makes a lot of sense for gamers, typists, and people who use computers to work frequently. There are two sturdy foot under the keyboard, which can fix the keyboard to the desktop at an appropriate tilt and offers you a more relaxing experience.

60% mechanical keyboard Anti-Ghosting Keys

Anti-Ghosting Keys

In many games, you must be able to press many buttons at the same time, especially in large action fps games. So having a mechanical keyboard with anti-ghosting keys is essential for you to win the games. Our KEMOVE gaming keyboard has full Anti-Ghosting Keys in wired mode, which makes sure you can use the keyboard more smoothly and experience full keystroke and responsiveness.



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